Facts About an Auto Injury Treatment

Posted on: May 16, 2018

After being in a car accident, it is crucial to schedule an auto injury treatment. While it is easy to assume everything is fine when there are no external injuries, the probability of internal injuries is fairly high. Millions of people are in accidents every year. Many people do not take treatment of their injuries seriously and mistakenly believe that they can simply rest to treat any pain.

Unfortunately, many auto injuries require more than just rest to properly heal. Musculoskeletal injuries often require treatment for long-term results. Otherwise, scar tissue can develop, helping to encourage constant pain. To prevent this, we recommend scheduling an appointment right away so that we can provide treatment and assistance.

How soon is too soon to visit the doctor?

Some people think that they need to wait for several days or even a week at home before calling our chiropractic office for help. We actually recommend visiting us the same day as the accident, if possible. We can begin providing treatment immediately and by doing so, we can help to start the recovery process and to minimize the damage.

Can I go to any doctor I want?

Health insurance is becoming increasingly complicated to the point that some people are unsure if they can go to the doctor or think they have to visit their general physician first before seeking a back pain specialist. Typically, after an auto accident, it is the auto insurance company that pays for treatment, not a person's health insurance company.

This is an important point to make since it means that there is no need to go through traditional health insurance. Instead, it is necessary to contact the auto insurance company, report the accident and receive a claim number. We can use that claim number for billing purposes. This eliminates the need to pay for the appointments out-of-pocket or to receive a referral from the primary care physician.

What does an auto injury treatment entail?

Typically, we take a multi-pronged approach to treating someone who has suffered an auto injury. This may involve completing manual spinal adjustments to move the spine back into alignment after it has been forcefully dislodged during the accident. This can be necessary on a regular basis for several months until the spine begins to return to its normal position and remain there.

Also, we tend to recommend massage therapy since it can be used to help alleviate muscle tension that can cause additional pain. Since massage also stimulates blood flow to the area, it can be useful in promoting healing.

After the initial treatment

Next, we may recommend physical therapy to strengthen the muscles in the back and prevent re-injury. Using this three-pronged approach we are able to provide long-term healing and immediate relief.

We typically do not recommend simply treating the discomfort with pain medication. We understand that pain medication and muscle relaxers may be necessary for the beginning, but neither of these things actually work to heal the body. They are only masking the problem and making it less profound.

Our focus is different. We want our patients to feel better today and to remain feeling better in the future. This is why we recommend such a comprehensive and thorough approach to treatment after an auto injury.

Start the treatment today

We encourage anyone who has been injured in an auto accident to call our office and begin their auto injury treatment today. Our approach can promote long-term healing and is highly beneficial for people of any age who have been in an accident.