Noninvasive Neck Pain Care and Treatment Options

Posted on: July 15, 2018

neck pain care

Neck pain care and treatment is something that we focus on in our office. Our patients often visit because their neck pain is severe enough to give them constant discomfort, requiring the use of pain medication. We understand how challenging it can be to live with this type of trouble and look to provide patients with ways to manage, reduce and eliminate it.

Other muscles and ligaments can influence how the neck feels

One mistake people commonly make when treating the neck is by treating it as if it is an isolated area of the body that is not influenced by anything else. To the contrary, the body works together with each region being able to affect surrounding areas. For example, it is possible for the back of the neck to hurt because of the strain that is being placed on muscles by sitting at a desk and typing all day. The tension may technically be coming from the arms and hands but is still putting pressure on the neck. Knowing this, we seek to identify what is causing the neck pain by conducting a thorough examination and also asking questions about our patient's lifestyle and activities at work. Once we know what is causing the neck pain, we can then make recommendations for how to make lifestyle changes that will reduce it.

Treating neck pain using non-invasive methods

We use noninvasive methods to treat our patients, and the benefits include:

  • Stimulate healing and recovery
  • Do not cause any additional trauma
  • Do not cause irritation
  • Expedite the recovery time

Our treatments generally focus on spinal manipulation. This is done using touch therapy. No additional tools or devices are required. Instead, a skilled chiropractor who is trained and knows how to align the vertebrae and promote balance within the musculoskeletal system can make adjustments that align the vertebra, reduce inflammation and pain while simultaneously promoting stability and well-being.

Our treatments begin producing results right away.

Patients generally report having reduced discomfort after only one visit to our office. Still, it may be required for a patient to visit us on a regular basis until their neck pain no longer comes back. This is something that we discuss with each patient on an individual basis.

Physical therapy and strength training is a vital part of neck pain care

To produce the most long-lasting results, it is crucial also to undergo physical therapy. Strengthening the muscles in the back, shoulders, and neck is one of the best ways to prevent re-injury to that area. We can show patients some simple exercises to do at home, and by following a routine, it is less likely that an injury or pain will recur. Other suggestions to reduce neck pain include the following:

  • Use a pillow with curvature to support the neck remaining in the right position while sleeping.
  • Have an ergonomic overvaluation of the office to ensure that the chair, desk, and keyboard are in the correct position to reduce tension.
  • Stretch throughout the day.
  • Schedule a regular massage.

Visit us for help and healing

We are here to provide treatment and assistance for anyone who is suffering from neck pain. To learn more about the neck pain care we provide, call us today.

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