Why is Chiropractic Considered Alternative Medicine?

Posted on: April 16, 2018

People often wonder why chiropractic is considered alternative medicine. Chiropractic is not a new approach to health care. In fact, it has been practiced in the United States since the early 1900s. Chiropractors began working to improve the health of patients through spinal manipulation and other therapies at the same time that modern Western medicine became popular. However, since chiropractic takes a different approach than traditional Western medicine it is viewed as being an alternative therapy.

What is the difference between chiropractic and traditional Western medicine?

The biggest difference to be aware of is that chiropractic care takes the approach that the body has the ability to help promote healing. By bringing the spine into alignment, we have the ability to help promote healing and help patients to feel better without invasive methods.

On the other hand, visiting a traditional doctor who practices allopathic medicine is likely to result in being prescribed medication. Also, these doctors are more likely to recommend a procedure or even surgery that is invasive to some degree. Essentially, chiropractic believes in the ability of the body to promote healing from within, using noninvasive therapies to promote this healing. Allopathic medicine typically relies on outside forces to promote healing.

Is chiropractic really alternative medicine?

Chiropractic is an alternative to allopathic medicine. So, if everything is compared to the medical practices found at local hospitals and clinics, then yes, it is an alternative. However, if alternative denotes a new form of treatment or something that is not tested or proven then it is most certainly not. Chiropractic has been used in this country for around 100 years with fantastic results. There have been numerous studies conducted on the effectiveness of it and will be happy to share this information with anyone who visits our office.

Why is chiropractic so effective?

The spine and musculoskeletal system are the primary areas of focus for a chiropractor. The spine is the superhighway of the body because the nerves run through it. As such, when the spine is out of alignment it can negatively impact other areas of the body including things like a person’s intestinal tract and sinus health. By gently moving the spine back into alignment, we can help to restore and improve the health of the entire body along with increasing the mobility of our patients.

Additional therapies

In our office, we may also recommend other forms of alternative medicine that work in conjunction with chiropractic. For example, we may recommend massage therapy to provide relief from muscle tension and pain. This can be incredibly effective when done in conjunction with spinal manipulations. Also, we may recommend physical therapy in order to strengthen the core so that it is less likely our patients will become re-injured.

Experience the benefits of alternative medicine

We invite anyone who is struggling with their health to visit our office to see how chiropractic can make a significant impact on their quality of life.