Herniated Disc Treatment Brick, NJ

Herniated Disc Treatment

The spine is a complex system of bone, muscles and nerve tissue that interacts with the entire body. Many people call the spine the superhighway of the body. Thus, injuring it can cause any of a large number of issues. In fact, pain in the spine can result in pain throughout specific areas of the body. The issue for many is that they will only use rest and store-bought painkillers to numb the pain instead of seeking professional treatment.

Since there are a variety of causes and symptoms for herniated discs, we will need to customize the treatment for the needs of the individual. With our professional treatment methods, we can help patients receive the care they need for their herniated disc pain.

We can provide the treatment you need to find relief, return to your daily routine and avoid damaging the area of the injury again in the future.

Signs to Watch Out For

Identifying the cause of a herniated disc is not always easy. In fact, many people are unsure of the exact cause. However, causes can include:

  • Gradual disc degeneration
  • Spinal discs becoming less flexible
  • Improper use of muscles when lifting or moving heavy furniture
  • Being overweight
  • Constant lifting and moving large objects for one’s job
  • Having a genetic predisposition to herniated discs

The cause of a herniated disc will vary greatly on the patient’s lifestyle. In some cases, trying to help a friend move in can cause excessive strain on the disc and lead to a herniated disc. This type of problem occurs when the rubbery cushion between the bones of the spine begins to shift out of alignment or loses the inner substance that makes it a cushion.

When this happens, the bones of the vertebrae will begin to collide with each other, causing pain ranging from medium to severe. Some people may begin to feel a dull ache or soreness in their back, but not seek professional treatment assuming it will go away with some rest. While rest and painkillers can work for minor injuries, a herniated disc is serious and requires professional care.

The Treatment Process

During the appointment, we will examine the patient and conduct a series of tests to find the specific location of the herniated disc. If the patient struggles with pain for several days and it does not seem to go away, then we will recommend a mixture of therapy and medication. The treatment will depend entirely on the extent of the pain and the patient’s condition.

While medication can help to relieve the pain, it will only numb the pain while the body heals. If the condition is worse than a minor injury, then it will be necessary to find a treatment that addresses the source of the pain. Surgery is a last resort and mainly for patients who are not able to find relief from the other options. In many cases, spinal manipulation can help to relieve the symptoms and put everything back into alignment.

In order for the treatment to be effective and long-lasting, patients may need to change specific aspects about their lifestyle. With proper exercise, diet, rest and completing specific stretches, the patient can continue to help prevent a herniated disc from occurring again.

Continue the Treatment at Home

Chiropractic treatment is a two-way street. While we can help the patient to recover and heal, it is important for the patient to work with us. Part of one’s treatment may involve completing specialized exercises and stretches at home. This will help to ease the tension and promote recovery. Following the initial treatment, patients will also benefit from regular exercise.

A healthy diet can also help to promote recovery. Being overweight will make it more difficult for the back to heal properly. Thus, we may recommend certain lifestyle changes in order to promote recovery and prevent the injury from flaring up again in the future. Since something as simple as poor posture can cause back pain or herniated discs, it is crucial to seek professional care when the pain does not seem to go away after a few days.

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Far too often, people will ignore the signs in favor of hoping the condition fixes itself. This tactic only lets the condition get worse. By seeking our treatment services, we can help the patient receive professional care to properly heal. We will set up a treatment plan that meets the needs of the individual for effective results.

With our professional treatment, rest and other treatment methods, we will be able to help people find pain relief and continue on the path toward a healthy lifestyle. Call us today to schedule an appointment or learn how we can help you.

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